Design Analysis

ARUSI LLC Engineering (ARUSI) team members are individually and collectively well‐prepared to provide design analysis services under this solicitation. Whether the design is by the team or part of an external review of an outside design, ARUSI brings valuable experience to bear in their design analyses. They individually and collectively understand how subtle changes can impact design and design requirements, and when challenges are presented, the team will approach it from multiple perspectives, working closely with the client to determine an appropriate course of action.

Project Design and Specifications Preparation

All team members are skilled at effective and efficient project design and specifications preparation and have done work for the US Government (US Department of Defense, China Lake California), utility providers (SRP, APS, SW Gas), and the telecommunications industry (Century Link, AT&T, COX).

ARUSI has long‐standing, open‐ended contracts with SRP to provide designs, Cable Replacement, Municipal, System, Commercial, and Cell Sites. This work has included system upgrades, overhead to underground conversions, new infrastructures, relocation of utilities, cut‐n‐runs, line extensions, feeder duct bank design with related plan and profiles, and single and multi‐family residential subdivision design including streetlights, substations design, and in‐house manpower resources, and system upgrades. ARUSI also has done similar design work for APS and maintains open contracts with SW Gas for work on commercial and residential natural gas distribution systems spanning several states.

Some ways in which the ARUSI team provides cohesive designs are by reviewing as‐builts and existing utility information, calculating wire pulls and voltage drops, requesting permits and surveys, coordinating with customers and developers to verify their needs (current and future), and requesting and using the information provided from pothole, bluestake, conduit verification, and equipment inspection reports. ARUSI’s experience also includes CAD drafting and design for as‐built field turn‐out facilities for Arizona Central Improvement District, and engineering design services for Cox Communications (ROW route design). ARUSI’s design role in these projects included coordinating the permitting process with cities, county and state agencies, utility/municipal research, and a final field check of completed work.

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