ARUSI LLC Engineering (ARUSI) provides survey‐related services as part of our ongoing engineering design services and support contracts spanning across Arizona, Nevada and California. Our work on residential and commercial distribution systems includes conflict research, subsurface utility location, land surveys, and permit coordination.

All land surveyors tasked for work under this solicitation have significant histories with utility work, especially with transmission line and substations. Recent experience includes both highway and utility work. Utility‐related survey work from California to the Pacific Northwest includes a 750 mile‐survey for a 550 kV transmission lines, and substation construction preparation work for major utility providers whose services may include coal‐fired, solar, or nuclear power sources.

Survey requirements include research, data collection, review, analysis and determination of existing ROW, easements and parcel ownership along the entire length of the project, as well as close communication and coordination with appropriate municipal personnel during the project.

A Team Bio


A Team P.A, Inc (A Team) has been in business in Arizona since 1989 and has been extremely influential in the Land Surveying community. They have licenses to practice Land Surveying in Colorado, Nevada, Utah & Arizona.

A Team has the expertise and experience in all surveying facets that that your company may need. Their entire staff is Registered Land Surveyors in the state of Arizona and additionally has a Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS).   A Team provides topographic survey, primary control & independent blind panels for photogrammetry and back-up surveying services as needed for other projects. They have performed Structure surveys and surveys for ADMP/ ADMS mapping projects, set both primary and blind panels, provided QA/QC check shots and cross-sections, dam settlement, subsidence monitoring surveys, geodetic control surveys and land boundary surveys for the DISTRICT since 2002. A Team’s knowledge and insight into their client’s best practices, procedures and preferences, along with their extensive working relationship with their clients, ensures a seamless execution of projects due to the reduced learning curve required.

Special Equipment and Other

Over the past few years the market has been healthy and the work load has been moderate to heavy at times. We very much value the work and business that we share with ADOT and are able to free up any number of our resources in order to commit to ADOT related work.

A TEAM has a large volume of GPS equipment and robotic total stations. We recently utilized scanning technologies for performing critical mass points and as-builts of Ray Road Bridge at Interstate 10. This technology, though expensive and highly skilled, avoided traffic delays, detours and eliminated the need for personnel to be nearby potentially hazardous and fast traffic. A TEAM also has been utilizing the Virtual Reference System (VRS) operated and maintained by AZGPS and found that production has significantly increased in the areas AZGPS covers throughout the state. We also utilize notebook computers with wireless broadband access to upload/download files from field to office, office to field which improves our efficiency statewide.

A TEAM has 16 GPS receivers and we perform many types of surveys. All of our employees, whether field crew or CADD technician, are cross trained in the field. Training is provided to our employees so that the most efficient, cost effective and highest standards are upheld. We have been utilizing MicroStation/Bentley Siteworks SelectCAD and Land Desktop Development/Civil 3d since the early 1990’s to prepare calculations, best-fit alignments, digital terrain modeling, contours, surfaces, boundary and right of way maps. Our personnel are fluent with importing and exporting points, figures and projects to and from our data collectors to our computers. We have knowledge and experience in utilizing blueprints, records, etc., to provide base mapping to clients Cad Standards (symbols, line styles, line weights, levels, colors, etc.). When creating Digital Terrain Model’s, we have extensive experience with importing files with regular mass points and break lines conforming to ASCII file. We have utilized CADD and developed CADD deliverables in accordance to various Standards for hundreds of projects.


A TEAM’s corporate office is situated at 10201 N. 21st Ave, Suite 10, Phoenix, Arizona 85021-1827, Maricopa County, Arizona. The resources (vehicles, equipment, staff, etc.) for all project work originate from our Phoenix office. All purchases and expenditures, contracts and all accounting functions are managed through the Phoenix office, thus all of the contract work will be performed in the State of Arizona except for those states we hold Licenses for. A TEAM Professional Associates, Inc. is an Arizona Corporation, founded in 1989. We are a business encompassing a nucleus of professional services with the majority of our project work being performed throughout the State of Arizona.

A TEAM has established a Drug Free Workplace, Safety Standards, both in the office and in the field, an Affirmative Action Plan on file with the City of Phoenix-Maricopa County and the Arizona Department of Transportation, Substance Abuse Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy.

Through honesty, quality, commitment and hard work, A TEAM has become well known throughout the State of Arizona as a solvent and reputable firm. We are also known for the accuracy, quality and timeliness provided to our clients on their GPS (Global Positioning Systems) survey projects.

Stone E. Wahl, RLS
President – Project Principle/Manager

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE total 27 With Firm 24
EDUCATION Kansas State University, 1983 – 1985 Studied Architectural Engineering

Registered Land Surveyor Arizona #28237 (1994) – CFEDS PENDING

Organizations, Training, Publications, Awards Numerous GPS and Geodetic seminars/workshops, NovaTel GrafNav/GrafNet/Inertial Explorer advanced training, Advanced Cadastral Workshops, Member National Society of Professional Surveyors, American Congress of Surveying & Mapping, Arizona Geodetic Sub-committee 1996-1999, Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Association (APLS), Past State Board of Directors of APLS State Conference Committee Chairman, Past APLS Central Chapter State Representative, Past APLS Central Chapter President, Arizona State Board of Technical Registration Enforcement Committee.

Mr. Wahl is President of A Team Professional Associates, Inc. and is responsible for overseeing all Survey & Mapping related activites. His responsibilities include supervising the company’s surveying & mapping procedures which include CADD and GIS operations. He has a broad range of experience for on-call services and individual project contracts for a varied client base including municipalities, federal agencies, and private industries. He has been project manager on more than 200 surveying and mapping projects with total fees in excess of $15 million. Mr. Wahl is an experienced land surveyor, well-versed in all production aspects of surveying , and is knowledgeable on all phases of geodetic and cadastral surveys. Mr. Wahl has specialized in GPS Geodetic surveying since 1991 and has performed many highly accurate gps static networks that have been submitted to and accepted by NGS.

Vice President – Project Manager

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Total 35 With Firm 15
EDUCATION Various Survey courses
LICENSES AND REGISTRATIONS Arizona / RLS #21765     Nevada / PL.S #9831 Colorado / PLS   #38071   Utah / PLS #7169813-2201C FedS Surveyor / #1047
Organizations, Training, Publications, Awards *Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Association *APLS – Past President and Chairman for the State Board of Directors *State Of Arizona Board of Technical Registration – Member of the Enforcement Advisory Committee and Land Survey Examination Workshop Committee *Member of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, National Society of Professional Surveyors and the Western Federation of Land Surveyors

Mr. Epperson has over thirty-six (36) years of professional survey experience. During this timeframe he has continued to expand his knowledge and expertise in the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), which includes numerous advanced educational training workshops and academies. Mr. Epperson has completed Advanced Cadastral Academy courses that specialize in the survey of public lands and the retracement and restoration of lost and obliterated corners. Mr. Epperson is also one of a few people in the nation to have Bureau of Land Management – Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) certification. This certification included modules in the History of the Rectangular Survey System, Indian Land Law, Boundary Law, Federal Boundary Law, Water Boundaries, Fractional Sections and Boundary Standards of the BLM. His professional experience includes expert testimony, legal and boundary research, section breakdowns, Mine retracement surveys, HES surveys, Posting line and co-ops with Forest Boundaries, Three Mile Method surveys on Tribal Land, rural land surveys, ALTA surveys, route surveys for road and utility design, right-of-way retracement, subdivision design and planning, plan review and civil inspection.

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  • Not only were they cost competitive, but we selected ARUSI because of their high quality work and for their reputation of delivering quality service. We went through a rigorous review process and selected ARUSI for their high value performance during our pilot stage.

    Central Arizona Project
  • I have the utmost confidence in ARUSI to getting our work done right. The work we give them is critical to our construction process. They have the most experience people who know engineering and design of distribution systems. They do high quality work and they do it when we need it – on time!

    Salt River Project, Phoenix AZ
  • ARUSI Group delivers services with a strong customer oriented passion. They do their work in a professional manner, are focused on getting the details right, and exceeding our expectations. They have successfully accommodated and delivered everything we’ve asked of them – and we’ve asked a lot. After the initial learning, their execution has been awesome. ARUSI Group has taken a load off our backs. When we turn over work to them, we trust that they will get the work done right, on time and delivered to our high standards.

    Southwest Gas Corporation, Phoenix, AZ
  • ARUSI executed this rapidly changing contract in outstanding manner. Several design changes were required during construction resulting in a better product overall. The quality of workmanship was uninterrupted by these changes. ARUSI provided employees with expansive knowledge of the work to be performed. It was very refreshing to work with such a skilled contractor, I would gladly work with them on any project.

    Southwest Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.
  • Working with EDM Group has been a very positive experience. They’ve done a great job for us.

    Kristi Lyzwa, Customer Service Planner, Arizona Public Service (APS).
  • At Southwest Gas, we expect the firm that we’re working with to be an extension of us. EDM Group does an excellent job with that. They represent us well in the public community as well as internally.

    Luis Frisby, Manager of Engineering, Southwest Gas Corporation.
  • EDM Group consistently scores high in our evaluations in project management, responsiveness, accuracy, and in understanding our standards. Their professionalism representing SRP, their honesty, and their fair business practices establish EDM Group as one of the top providers to SRP.

    Sidney Altuna, Manager, Contracting Services, Salt River Project (SRP)
  • ARUSI provided innovative ways to save money and time while improving the quality and design of the finished product.

    John Henry Green, ROICC Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), Yuma, AZ, Department of the Navy.
  • It was very refreshing to work with such a skilled contractor. I would gladly work with them on any project.

    Dave McCollum, Resident Officer In Charge of Construction (ROICC) Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest Division.

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