Current Projects

  • Child Development Center Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Arizona

    Project: Child Development Center Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Arizona Description: Large Facility Design-Build project for Federal Government. Role: Project Manager & Prime Contractor Project Cost: $2.3 million Construction of compete exterior and interior structure and finishing. Special design features required by the Government and ADA Codes. Telecommunications, fire protection, landscaping, HVAC & environmental controls, electrical, lighting, water, and sanitation services. ARUSI contracted to take over the project after previous contractor defaulted. Project completed on budget and on schedule.

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  • Engineering and design of SRP Electrical Distribution System (Primary and Secondary), Phoenix Metropolitan Area

    Project: Engineering and design of SRP Electrical Distribution System (Primary and Secondary), Phoenix Metropolitan Area Relevance: Electrical engineering design of power distribution system, management of multiple projects at various locations Role: Manage and perform engineering design projects Project Cost: Open Contract -$1 million (annually) Highlights: Design services, Street light design Annually complete hundreds of distribution design jobs. Types: overhead to underground conversion designs, utility relocations, new overhead or underground power lines, cable replacement, feeder duct bank design Currently managing and designing all SRP utility relocation work from the Light Rail Transit Project

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  • Field Reviews and CAD Design Services – Central Arizona Project

    Project: Field Reviews and CAD Design Services – Central Arizona Project Client: Central Arizona Water Conservation District 23636 N. 7th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85024 Contract Value: $640,000 Completion Date: March 2004 Highlights: A/E; As-built drawings; field inspections; multiple geographic locations Project Description: The scope of this project involved the field inspections and system verifications of the electrical components and facilities of Check Structures that regulate the water flow and customer Turnout stations along the 300 plus mile route of the Central Arizona Canal. ARUSI field technicians performed point-to-point wire check at selected check and turn-out structures, including identification of circuit routing and identifying types of electrical system components. The scope also involved verifying field changes against the design print specifications and providing CADD support to complete the as-built drawings. The project approach required the development of verification checklist, job scheduling routes, document control system, and quality control procedures. The project management activities included the development of a detailed project schedule in MS Project, cost estimates by route, and biweekly project status reports submittals. The project is currently 70% complete and is expected to be completed as budgeted and under schedule.

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  • Managed construction of a new 500/230 kV Substation

    Project: Managed construction of a new 500/230 kV Substation Client: Nevada Power Company Las Vegas, Nevada Contract Value: $5,000,000 Completion Date: June 1999 Highlights: Construction management; high-voltage power transmission system Project Description: Based on our experience and quality of work, our firm was selected to manage the construction of a new 500/230 kV Substation to accommodate the loop-in of the Navajo-McCullough 500kV line and the 4 Crystal-Harry Allen lines. The particular substation was the largest and most complex of the four substations being built. In addition, the project had system upgrades and modifications to other parts of the system. Our firm was responsible for all construction management activities, including on-site construction support and contractor interface; verify contractor submittals as required; maintain written field documents, issue documents; and conduct weekly contractor meetings with all personnel. ARUSI provided all documentation control and verified all contractors keep up-to date with as-built drawings.

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  • Engineering Design of Natural Gas Distribution System – California – Arizona

    Project:  Engineering Design of Natural Gas Distribution System – California – Arizona Client: Southwest Gas Corporation 9 S. 43rd Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85009 Contract Value: Open Purchase Order ($800,000 annually) Completion Date: On-going Highlights: A/E services, natural gas distribution system, multiple locations: California and Arizona Project Description: ARUSI provides engineering design services to Southwest Gas Corporation for both the Southern California and Arizona regions. Under this open order contract, ARUSI provides engineering design for its natural gas distribution system for both commercial and residential sectors. Our work includes design of facilities, feeder upgrades, gas line replacement, and gas distribution extensions to new subdivisions. Additionally, we provide complete services for franchise work including research of conflicts, subsurface utility locating, land survey, and coordination for required permits. Our work with Southwest Gas is an example of our experience in developing base maps utilizing information from drawings provided by land developers. These designs are prepared on a Computer Aided Design (CAD) platform, using either MICROSTATION SE or AUTOCAD 14, by our design teams.

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  • Engineering and Design of Overhead and Underground Primary Electrical Power Distribution System

    Project: Engineering and Design of Overhead and Underground Primary Electrical Power Distribution System Client: Salt River Project P.O. Box 52025 Phoenix, AZ 85072-2025 Contract Value: Open Purchase Order ($1,000,000 per year) Completion Date: On-going Highlights: A/E; electrical power distribution system; completion of hundreds of jobs per year Project Description: Salt River Project, (SRP), is one of the largest public utility companies in the U.S. SRP, with over 800,000 customers, serves the metropolitan Phoenix area and selected ARUSI as one of its preferred suppliers to provide engineering and design services for their distribution system.   ARUSI has provided design services for SRP over the last 8 years on an indefinite order quantity contract. We provide power distribution and sub-transmission designs for variety of work including: overhead to underground conversions; relocation of existing utilities; new overhead and underground line extensions; feeder duct bank design with related plan and profiles; residential subdivision design including streetlights, and substations design. Annually, we complete hundreds of design jobs coordinating all aspects of the design activities, including scheduling, securing necessary permitting and supporting activities. SRP recently selected ARUSI to provide all design activities for all utility relocation from the Valley Metro Light Rail municipal project.

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  • Upgrade and replace electrical distribution system and PCB Transformer Removal, Phase VI & VII

    Project: Upgrade and replace electrical distribution system and PCB Transformer Removal, Phase VI & VII Client: U.S. Department of Defense Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona Contract Value: $1,882,391 (Phase VI), $1,322,734 (Phase VII) Completion Date: February 2001 Highlights: Federal government 8 (a) work; worksite management; high voltage distribution system; engineering and design; PCB removal Project Description: Provided complete project management services for the design and build of the MCAS distribution system. This involved the development of the project specification from the base requirements; development of the design plans following specific design standards, and development of environmental plans for the removal of old and contaminated PCB. The project followed the three-phase quality control process and adherence to an aggressive project schedule. The project management include the use of the earned-value feature in Primavera SureTrak. Project management activities included processing required change control orders and document control based on government standards. This project included site review and inspection for the demolition and replacement of overhead electrical distribution systems and disposal of PCB contaminated transformers. Specific project deliverables included: worksite management support, including project planning, design, and scheduling; installed new pad-mounted transformers of various sizes up to 225 KVA; repaired existing pad mounted transformers; installed and terminated termination cabinets; upgrade of the primary distribution system and relocation of existing facilities; pulled and terminated primary and secondary conductors of various sizes and power ratings; electrical testing throughout the power system grid.

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  • Not only were they cost competitive, but we selected ARUSI because of their high quality work and for their reputation of delivering quality service. We went through a rigorous review process and selected ARUSI for their high value performance during our pilot stage.

    Central Arizona Project
  • I have the utmost confidence in ARUSI to getting our work done right. The work we give them is critical to our construction process. They have the most experience people who know engineering and design of distribution systems. They do high quality work and they do it when we need it – on time!

    Salt River Project, Phoenix AZ
  • ARUSI Group delivers services with a strong customer oriented passion. They do their work in a professional manner, are focused on getting the details right, and exceeding our expectations. They have successfully accommodated and delivered everything we’ve asked of them – and we’ve asked a lot. After the initial learning, their execution has been awesome. ARUSI Group has taken a load off our backs. When we turn over work to them, we trust that they will get the work done right, on time and delivered to our high standards.

    Southwest Gas Corporation, Phoenix, AZ
  • ARUSI executed this rapidly changing contract in outstanding manner. Several design changes were required during construction resulting in a better product overall. The quality of workmanship was uninterrupted by these changes. ARUSI provided employees with expansive knowledge of the work to be performed. It was very refreshing to work with such a skilled contractor, I would gladly work with them on any project.

    Southwest Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.
  • Working with EDM Group has been a very positive experience. They’ve done a great job for us.

    Kristi Lyzwa, Customer Service Planner, Arizona Public Service (APS).
  • At Southwest Gas, we expect the firm that we’re working with to be an extension of us. EDM Group does an excellent job with that. They represent us well in the public community as well as internally.

    Luis Frisby, Manager of Engineering, Southwest Gas Corporation.
  • EDM Group consistently scores high in our evaluations in project management, responsiveness, accuracy, and in understanding our standards. Their professionalism representing SRP, their honesty, and their fair business practices establish EDM Group as one of the top providers to SRP.

    Sidney Altuna, Manager, Contracting Services, Salt River Project (SRP)
  • ARUSI provided innovative ways to save money and time while improving the quality and design of the finished product.

    John Henry Green, ROICC Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), Yuma, AZ, Department of the Navy.
  • It was very refreshing to work with such a skilled contractor. I would gladly work with them on any project.

    Dave McCollum, Resident Officer In Charge of Construction (ROICC) Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest Division.

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